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A wonderful find on Dolev

A 3 room apartment on the third floor with huge bedrooms and invwsted kitchen and most important - option - approved - for 2 more bedrooms (been done by neigbours and sold for 1.3 M!) Covered parking, Machsan, great location and views 1,050,000 nis!

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RentBetShemesh.com is here to give a superb service to people looking to find an apartment to rent in Ramat Beit Shemesh (primarily) and also in Sheinfeld and "Nofei" Neigborhoods.

Our Clients are being reponded to promptly and efficiently, and so do Apartment owners who find us most usefull!

Managed by Sharon Shahrabani, with experience of over three years primarily in the rental market, and Industrial Engineering and Management B.Sc, our clients find us most efficient in FINDING an apartment, NEGOTIATING the important details to the owner-renter, and making sure the deal is done - smoothly and safely, and to the full satisfaction of the renters and owners.

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